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For tenders and new projects please contact:

Jack Fleming         0425736326

Providing quality commercial Tiling and other services to the construction industry in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Tiling Contractor services.


Using the latest estimating technology we convert you 2d plans into 3d models showing exactly what has been covered. No guessing, eliminating variations, precise and together with our professional technicians and quality management we provide the type of service your professional business and clients deserve.

What makes us different is our dedication to quality and our commitment to your deadlines.

Premier Commercial Tiling contractors in Melbourne.

Some of our services include:

- Tiling (all types)

- Waterproofing (Internal and External)

- Floor Preparation

- Caulking

- Epoxy grouting

- Screeding

- Paving

- Stone Cladding

- Tactile installation

- Entry mat installation

- Sealing (stone and tiles)


Our skills are on show on a variety of projects including:


Our technicians are trained by us and we demand, inspect and deliver the best quality.

We never take technicians to a job and leave them to their own devices. With close project management and quality inspections we are able to run our projects smoothly and have the experience to handle any eventuality.  We meet and often exceed Australian Standards (such as waterproofing showers to ceiling height).

We take Safety extremely seriously and enforce all safety regulations and train our technicians on safe use of all tools and lifting techniques. We have not had an accident causing serious personal injury,

We are a growing business and our reputation for quality, meeting deadlines, and customer service is getting recognition with repeat business from builders who appreciate our service.

Put us to the test on your project, we are looking for long term business relationships. If you are after reliability, quality workmanship, professionalism at a fair price we provide the service you have been looking for.




Jack Fleming 0425736326

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(C) 2016 Jack Fleming

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